The Shrine of….Pizza

The introduction of the northern library….hill.

I found this really awesome hill just outside of my North Wall that stands tall and proud, all by its lonesome. I figure, “Hey, this could totally be this really cool shrine build at the top, right?”

Now I have to figure out how to design a cool looking shrine.  I want to shy away from towers, I’ve got some of those planned elsewhere.  Maybe a cool library-type building?

Learning and education were things that were no longer free and accessible to the general populace.  When the Hero returned and “freed the land” from its burden of freedom, much learning was lost.  It’s easier to keep a population under control when they don’t know better.  

This building is falling into disrepair.  The wizards who once lived here in their pursuit of higher education and learning left nearly 30 years prior, shortly after the new regime started to crack down on free thought.

Where did the pizza come from you ask? I was hungry and Papa John’s just got here.


It’s rough, but the start of a staircase up.  I know, it looks like total garbage.


This is a better angle. See? You can totally see a cool building up there, amirite?

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