Just some tweaks

Just a few little tweaks to the kingdom this time.

Inspiration has eluded me as of late. I decided that I’m going to put in a shanty town of sorts up against the north wall, but off of the main stretch of what will soon be stalls and shops.  It’s sad, but every place seems to have an area of slums of some sort… Or maybe I’m just reading some depressing books.

Two major tweaks today. The first, I tried to spice up the roads a little bit.  I think I like it…they’re kind of like gutters? It helps to define the edge of the road now, though, kind of like how you use a black Sharpie or crayon to outline your coloring? I’m going to need to look at this with a fresh set of eyes to be sure I like it.


By the way, I looked at the stuff I did last time to see if I still liked what I did (refresher: dwarf stuff).  I think I need to add more to make it look better.  The statue might need some tweaking, however.

The second change that I made is that I finished the suspension ropes on my bridge.  When I added the second (middle sections, not the middle), I was pleased.  The last section that I added today….not so much? Curse you, Minecraft, for only doing blocks and half blocks! *angrily shakes fist* Nah, just kidding.  I’ll need to tweak it a bit.  I’m not ready to say “Yeah, this is cool!”


No lore today. Maybe next time I could write some about the shanty town? We’ll see, I need to think on it.

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