The Grumpy Bear

I started trying to build the Grumpy Bear Inn, and surprisingly, it doesn’t look super awful?

Long ago, before the INSERT REALLY COOL NAME Kingdom was what it is today, a pair of brothers from a nearby village decided that they were going to break from family tradition and make it big on their own.  At the time, there was no kingdom, there were no walls, just some crossroads that people used to trade with the dwarves and the elves.  

Today, the Grumpy Bear is a must see for travelers near and far.  The original brothers’ descendants still run the inn.  Owned today by a pair of twins–one boy and one girl–the new owners hope to live up to their forefathers’ dreams of being a welcome sight for tired and weary travelers.

I have to admit…I think I’m ok at Minecraft, but I’m not some super awesome builder.  It’s actually quite difficult. Anyway, here is the start of figuring out what this inn will look like.

View from the west (Bridge to the dwarven kingdom).  I’m trying really hard to make the build have depth and not be a flat building.


Main room with a view of the staircase leading to the second floor.


Figuring out the layout, block pallet, the little details, adding layers… Designing is actually quite difficult.  Luckily, I’ve seen a BUNCH of awesome builds by some awesome Minecrafters.  Unfortunately, I’ve watched a bunch of awesome Minecrafters and I keep trying to compare myself to them and I get all bummed.

I plan on working on the Inn quite a bit more.  I’m concerned with the size that it’s become, though.  Is it too big for the area?  It’s just something that I’ll have to consider. More pictures next time!

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