Roofs are hard…

The Grumpy Bear is finished!

Yeah, trying to create interesting builds in much more difficult than I thought it ever would be.  Regardless, tonight, the Grumpy Bear is officially done with its rough draft.  One never is done with a build, are they?


So, I’ve tried really hard to not make a giant cube.  I feel like I’ve got a good thing going for now.  I need a fresh set of eyes to check it later, but I’ve got depth, variety, etc.  All of my hours of watching Minecraft YouTube videos has really paid off! Hooray for being lazy!


I’m not sure what I think about having this stall wedged in by the Grumpy Bear. Oh yeah, I like the Grumpy Bear better than the Sleepy Bear, so I’ll keep it for now.


View from behind, looking to the north. Directly north of the Grumpy Bear is the North Gate. Beyond that lies a village and wheat fields. Eventually, there will even be a windmill there!

By the way, how do you build a windmill in Minecraft? Time to find some pictures!

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