Did you know there was more to the kingdom than the Grumpy Bear and the Northern section?

Instead of windmilling it up, I get distracted finishing some walls and working on my block palate for my palace.

Yeah, it’s a long title, I know, but it truly captures the essence of the two pictures I’m sharing in today’s update.

Hey, did you know palate and palace are almost spelled the exact same way? I never made that connection before. It doesn’t really change my life in any dramatic way, but it’s a fun little oddity that I enjoyed for a few seconds.

Anyway, I present my palace palate of blocks. p002

The “grass” blocks are really just hardened clay.  I got the idea from the Hermitcraft server in which they used these blocks to simulate a freshly manicured lawn.  I’m not entirely sold on them, but I know that I wanted to make a nice garden/lawn in front of the castle that includes a gorgeous fountain and well trimmed…things.

I like the idea of these blocks, and I want to include a lot of towers and such.  I don’t want to say like Hogwarts from the movies, that is too large in terms of scale.  I just like towers, people definitely not “nobody” seeing as how I’ve never shared this out and kept it entirely secret from my friends, family, and loved ones. Hello, Random strangers!  Maybe I’ll toy around with some purple or stuff as well, it might look good with the bricks, but definitely nowhere near the green. Gross.


In other parts of the world, I finished the walls! Well, phase 1 of the walls at least. Anyways, it stretches from the eastern edge, up to the north, around the north, and down part of the west.  Actually, now that I think of it, I need to finish the west edge of the walls… Darn. Scratch that. Phase 1 isn’t done. =(

I will admit that I started to lay out the foundation for the windmill.  I think that maybe next time that will be what I work on.  That, or I’ll probably find something else to get distracted by. It’s not like there are a thousand other things to work on or anything… Until next time!

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