Bouncing Around More Than a Bouncy Ball!

Yeah, I don’t know why I plan. We visit the ole’ Grumpy Bear again and begin to develop that land.

I promise that I’m not completely hopeless.  I seem to bounce around all over the place in this world, don’t I?  Hey, inspiration, right?

Anyway, I’m working currently on developing a town square just east of the Grumpy Bear.  The road that travels from the Grumpy Bear now connects to the Northeast gate, the road that takes one up to the Library…er, I mean hill that will soon have a library. Within the square, I’m imagining some fountains and nice garden stuff. Currently, there are 4 plots that can be developed, but perhaps I should try to make it one plot instead?

The blue frames are outlines of some buildings that I want to include.  These could be shops or homes.  I imagine the build-pallet would be similar to the Grumpy Bear’s, but perhaps with some slight differences? We’ll just have to wait and see what that particular stroke of inspiration creates!nk024

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