FEAR….it sucks.

Heh, I bare my soul, and then share some updates to the northern portion of the kingdom.

If your work does not sufficiently embarrass you, then it’s very likely no one will be touched by it.

-Anne Bogart, A Director Prepares

It is so weird.  I speak in front of people on a daily basis. It’s my job.  I am required to make sure that I can communicate effectively and clearly. Public speaking, something so many people are so afraid of, doesn’t really bother me.

So why is it that I freeze whenever someone might see something I create? I’ve never even shown anybody this because I’m terrified that people will judge what I’m doing. Jeez, I’ve only mentioned this to my wife because, you know, she’s my wife and I tell her everything. 

Anyway, I got the quote above from Geek and Sundry’s YouTube show Signal Boost.  I love Geek and Sundry. It’s amazing. Anyway, they boosted Anne Bogart’s book and specifically mentioned the quote above.  Hearing that quote sparked something inside of me…no, I’m not ready to actually start showing this stuff to anyone (and this must be a really weird read to anyone who actually is reading this in the future…….8-/)

One day, I will overcome this hurdle.  Just…not yet.

Now on to the Minecraft!

I built a horse stable! Yeah, not anything special, but this build looks nothing like how It started (acacia always seems like a good idea in the beginning, but that orange!).  Anyway, it’s a horse stable, it doesn’t have to be anything big and grand, right? Anyway, it’s located right by the exit to the library/thing-on-a-hill.

The other update I’d like to show you today is the updated map.  I did a LOT of terraforming today…it takes forever! Anyway, here is the northern portion of the kingdom from the map/sky view.  This portion is really starting to come together!

I guess I should mention I didn’t build that village north of the wheat fields (really dark green patch by the lake).  I built the roads that surround it and connected it to the roads of the kingdom, though, so it kind of is like I built it? Yeah, I don’t buy it either.


The more I look at this, I think I’m just going to take out the road that comes out of the south side of that square.  It just doesn’t work.  It was going to connect to a shanty town area, but it shouldn’t go there…

Next time, more stuff!

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