“All we are is dust in the wind.”

One word:


(kind of)

Today, and I can hardly believe that I’m about to type this. I bring to you…. The start of….

That stupid WINDMILL!!!! Ha!

You thought it was never going to happen and to be honest, I questioned it myself!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And yes, I’m so glad you noticed, I did display the pictures in a different format this time!  I’ve never paid enough attention to the image options apparently, so I figured I would give the slideshow a shot! Anyway, on to the build.

Yes, I know it isn’t complete.  The house section is, but the windmill portion is not, unfortunately.  I need to find some pictures of a windmill as a guide.  Lore to come once the project is complete, but I’ll give you a sneak peak now if you can keep a secret.  I imagined this as just the windmill originally.

Fun fact: I never really knew what windmills were used for back in the day until I played Skyrim. Who says you can’t learn from video games?!

Anyway, as time progressed, I envision this farmer expanding on the windmill for a place to live and watch over his fields and bada-bing, you have the start of a house.  Perhaps farmer meets a lady at the Grumpy Bear and a few months later, bada-boom–the farmer needs a bigger house so that the wife can throw all of his stuff away and replace it with nicer stuff.

No, I will not be calling this farmer “Old Man Jenkins” either. That was mostly for me to remind myself to NOT call him that.

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