Exploring a build…that I didn’t build?

So, I logged on to my world this morning to build some more and discovered something odd.  An arrow had appeared on top of a mountain in the kingdom.Hermit Arrow

So, I took off.  The day passed, night fell. I was just thinking about turning around when I noticed a glow coming from over the ridge.  Thinking it was lava and some trees were on fire, I hurried over to investigate and save my forest from being burned down (I hate cleaning up after fire damage…)

I didn’t see lava. Nothing was on fire. It was…weird.

Hermit 02

Mushrooms. That were glowing.  So I followed the path into this little valley and began to question many things…like when did I build this? Hermit 01

The first thing that I noticed was this gravestone…weird, right? The message was even more bizarre…

Hermit 03

Thinking “Who is Gregory?”, I proceeded inside and froze. I think I figured out what Gregory was….

Hermit 04

A pig. Gregory must have been a pig…but who loved Gregory? There was a sign there as well, labeled “Hermit Hut.” It appears I have stumbled onto a hermit, with this strange affinity for pigs, hiding in my world…

So, creating this world on my own is a huge undertaking, and let’s face it…I’m not a good builder. If only I knew someone who was….

Oh yeah! My brother!

So, the story goes I was in a rut (You may have read a thing or two about that in previous posts…), and I needed some inspiration.  That’s when I decided to invite my brother into the world and play some good ole’ Minecraft with him.  Best. Idea. Ever.  The build we went through today was his first addition to the world, and I love it.  Not only did he build his mushroomy-hermit house, but he also has moo-shrooms galore as well as some mushroom fields.

The best part? Now I get to include this crazy, mushroom loving hermit into my story. This is something that I never would have come up with on my own.  So, as this blog progresses from here, not only will I be discussing and sharing my builds, but my brother’s as well!

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