You Spin Me Right Round!

Finally, I completed the windmill!

No, not the original. I’m totally thinking of the Pitch Perfect version of this song.  Yeah, the Treblemakers (minus Bumper plus Benji) were pretty impressive. Yeah yeah, the story was about the Bellas, but you know what, I think they’re both great!


So, I finished this windmill.  Well, I finished the preliminary build of this windmill.  I’m trying to decide how much I like it.  It’s definitely a great start. It’s like I tell students: It’s easier to edit something, even if it’s total garbage than it is to edit a blank page. Yeah…that came out weird, but I think my message still is understandable.


I wanted to make this some insane, extravagant build and make some super awesome windmill.  Luckily, my crazy brain slowed down long enough for me to remember that this dude is a farmer.  He’s likely not going to be rolling in a bunch of dough and materials, right? So, with common sense winning out, I scaled back the build to make it more appropriate.

The northern section of the kingdom is looking great! I still need to work on the northern town square and the library, but everything is starting to come together!

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