Terraforming the Windmill

Now the land around the windmill looks as good as the windmill itself!

Here’s the problem with Minecraft:

You build a nice build (even Steve likes my windmill!).  Then, you look back at your work and realize that the surrounding land is so much garbage that it makes the excellent build look like poo.

It’s never just the build that matters, it’s the surrounding area as well. Today, I spent some time working on making the land around the windmill and farmer’s house look as good as the build itself.

It’s amazing how important the small little details are.  I don’t feel like I did anything super special here, but it was enough to make it stand out.  I get it…we’re talking about a wall here. It’s a wall, nothing special, but to me, it’s one beautiful looking wall.  Plus, I’ve hidden lights all over the place, so it looks good at night without 100 torches littering the paths.

Completely random, but I followed the path down into the vanilla Minecraft village that lies between the portal and the northern walls.  Sometimes these villages spawn in a little oddly… and this one was no exception.

NK035Somebody doesn’t know how to build a road in this village. Future AJ, please fix this mess!

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