Map Update!

New map update! Plus, I show my punny side…. or I just embarrass myself.

With the addition of my brother on the map, I figured we were due for another map update.  The Hermit Hut is located in the far, bottom left corner, and the portal is located in the top row, smack dab in the middle.

Minecraft maps make the builds look so different.  It’s one thing running around and looking at it from the ground, but seeing it from above… This is really starting to make this feel like an actual build.

So, in talking to my brother, I’ve learned how cities develop.   It’s interesting thinking about the buildings and the physical structures changing over time–my background is Sociology.  While I’ve spent way too much time looking at how society’s and groups have changed throughout history, I’ve not spent time looking at how our structures change. With these discussions, I’ve learned how the cities physically evolve into larger and grander things.

With these discussions, I’ve learned how the cities physically develop into bigger and greater things. So, I’m pleased to announce that the northern section of the kingdom is getting an upgrade in its lore. This section is now the “old district.”  Plenty of thoughts on some backstory for this region, but nothing fleshed out yet, so look for an update in the future!Map 04:22


Yeah, I like Anchorman. The brother and I decorated a llama, and I was feeling mischevious.

Next time, I’m going to try something new.  In addition to the post (because the next one will be a little on the light side of content), I’m going to include a book review. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, and I need to talk to people about it! Until then!

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