The Hermit Strikes!

Some strange things pop up across the Kingdom. Turns out the Hermit is having some fun! Also, I discuss a book that I finished recently.

Some weird stuff has appeared around the kingdom today, folks.  Turns out my hermit of a brother has added his own special “flare” around the kingdom.  His first build? A golden pig.  Why? Who know. But yes, now we have a golden pig in the kingdom.

Steve's PigTo be perfectly honest, this screenshot reminds me of the anime Seven Deadly Sins.  The main character, Meliodas, owns a bar called the Boar Hat. At first, you just think, “ah, cool name!” Turns out that it’s more than just a name because it’s literally the hat on a giant pig named Hawk Mama.  Oh, and Meliodas’s assistant at the Boar Hat? Hawk, a much smaller pig. I know, random, but I’ll take it.

So, the book series that I wanted to share today was Brilliance, book one of the Brilliance Trilogy.  Imagine the X-Men, but without all the crazy super powers.  In this world, people were born “brilliant” or with more advanced cognitive abilities.  It takes place 30 or so years after the initial discovery of the first brilliants.  As someone who has studied sociology in college, I find the way that how society is forced to change incredibly exciting.  Marcus Sakey does a great job with this story, and I would highly recommend it.  For those of you

Marcus Sakey does a great job with this story, and I would highly recommend it.  For those of you who don’t like the science-fiction, mutant, fantasy mumbo-jumbo, don’t count this book out. Sakey does a fantastic job of keeping it grounded in “real.”

Attack of the pigs What can I even say about this? Here I am, having a conversation with my brother about this library and he decides to spawn in pigs.  A lot of pigs.

I wonder what his fascination with pigs is?

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