Big Things are Happening!

Quick post today! Huge addition to the kingdom!

Here’s a quick update!  I’m so incredibly excited with the way things are developing.  The northern town square is looking pretty with a new building frame. This frame will eventually be a row of houses! We gotta have houses! What’s that in the background though?



Boom! Town square number 2! This is going to be much more regal! And circular!  This is going to be the only place where I’m planning on putting a circle in this city.  I want it to stand out and to be unique. Big plans, friends! Big plans!


Here is the view from the east! This entire section, from this wall to the town square in front of the palace, will be a more regal, expensive build.  I also like how you can see parts of the palace peeking out and around the wall. My only complaint is the wall itself. I definitely need to improve the gate… it looks like garbage.

Next time, expect some lore and background! I plan on discussing the development of the city as it expanded from a small village!

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