The Times, They Are a’Changing

Finally, more lore! Today, the story of a village and how it grew up.

If you’ve never read The Watchmen, you’re missing out.  Normally, I don’t like movies that have been adapted from different types of media, and The Watchmen is no different.  You just miss out on so much.  I will concede, however, that there were scenes in the movie that the director and actors did a PHENOMENAL job with, and the introduction to the movie is one of them. Seriously. Find it on YouTube, or better yet, just go watch the film….but only after you read the graphic novel!

I just realized that I didn’t explain why I was talking about The Watchmen, to begin with… I took inspiration with the title by using Bob Dylan’s words. This song happens to be a major part of the introduction of the movie. Boom. Now, I very easily could have gone back and edited this entry, and you never would have known, but nah, I’m ok with owning this.  I use this blog as a “Stream of Consciousness” type thing. I attach the images I want to show and just let my fingers go crazy.   Afterward, I go back and make sure that what I say makes sense (and run a Grammarly check–love that thing) and post it up.

Now on to the actual post! I’m changing where my wall is going to be on the western edge of the kingdom.  I’m not positive if I’ve introduced the layout of the city yet, so if not, here we go!  The northern kingdom, where the Grumpy Bear and the windmill are found, will be the oldest section of the city.  It was an extension of the library located on the hill.  The researchers and scholars working at the library would need food and resources and such, hence the creation of a small town.  As the village grew, the buildings expanded southwards.  This was when the palace was created, and the Palace District was born.

Things continued growing, and the town needed to expand.  The city was locked in on the east by the MBKNB River and the LKJSDFL Mountain to the south, so the only option was to expand west, closer to the dwarves.  Peace had been had between the city and dwarves for years, and everyone wanted to keep it this way.  Some of the citizenry and nobles were concerned that the dwarves might view expansion negatively, but the city’s hands were tied.  After some negotiations, the dwarves gave their blessing and even offered to help with the construction of the district.

The dwarves aid added some new flair to the buildings in this district, and both the city and the dwarves benefitted from the development of the new district.


The proposed section of the wall can be seen above.  Now, I guess I need to get around to finishing the wall.  There will be another gate here as well.WK008

View from the top of the dwarves mountain. I”ll be building another bridge and connecting the road to the third gate as well.

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