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Overview of the city. My mind = boom. Also, I share another book!

I need to be honest with you all;  I doubt myself…like all the time.  Constantly. It’s brutal.  I am my harshest critic, and I don’t let anything slide.  There are still times that I question if this is a good idea or if this is just a huge distractor that I’m doing to avoid writing and *gasp* question whether or not THAT is a huge waste of time. I’m telling you, it’s a never-ending spiral down the rabbit hole that is my mind.

It’s not super healthy.

Anyway, this post is different. This post is talking about the OPPOSITE of what I usually think and do.  But first, a quick blurb about another book I just finished reading.  This time, I read Wizard Defiant, book one of the Intergalactic Wizard Scout Chronicles by Rodney Hartman.  I first heard of this book from Signal Boost, a Geek and Sundry YouTube show in which people recommend things they like.  I decided to check it out, and I have to admit, it wasn’t like anything I had read before.

It starts off purely science-fiction. Futuristic, full body battlesuits that make the wearer like a Power Ranger, jerk trainers abusing their trainees, etc.  Not exactly what I was expecting from a book with the word “Wizard” in it.  As the book progressed, Hartman does an excellent job of merging the science-fiction and the fantasy together into one piece of literature.

The only criticism I will give of this book is also a compliment all on its own.  Hartman, a retired Army veteran, is a no-nonsense kind of writer.  He doesn’t get into a lot of the frilly fluff material, and Rick, the main character, is sometimes a little bland.  However, he had trained in the armed services for a good chunk of his life, and he’s supposed to be a “Yes sir, no questions asked” kind of guy.  So, even though as you’re reading and you’re like, “Dude, this guy is boooooring,” take a step back and think about what a character in his situation is supposed to be.  Hartman makes it work.

Oh, furthermore, combat scenes usually make me want to bash my head against the nearest wall.  They’re either rushed, too convenient, or not thought out well enough, but Hartman does a pretty good job with them. Once again, I would assume that it has to do with his background in the Army.

Anyway, check it out. It’s available on the Kindle for $2.99. If you don’t like it, at least you’re not out a bunch of money, right?

Ok, now on to the main event.  The thing that made me have a little bit of faith in myself for once.  This screenshot….this screenshot did it for me.

WorldWhen I took this screenshot, it was the moment that I realized I had something awesome happening.  Not only am I figuring out the actual layout of physical locations, but I’m also figuring out the story and lore of buildings in the city as well.  Things that I would never have thought about are now fleshed out.

I know I still have an incredibly long way to go, but I’m feeling so inspired to keep working and improving. Now that my brother is also helping me out, I feel even more confident in myself than I have felt in a long time!

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