Two Steps Forward, One Step Blown Up…

Things start getting nice, and then I get reminded that nice things come with great responsibilities.

Building roads are fun at times, insanely frustrating at others.  On the one hand, I love adding them because it’s a HUGE step in actually turning this land into something more.  On the other though, it forces me to make decisions a little rushed? I’m making guesses at what I want this town to look like, what if I place the road off?  I know, suck it up and move it, right?

Anyway, I only need to build what would be deemed “the main road” into the east and west of the palace district’s town square.  I’m finding that scale is difficult, however. It’s a main straight away, and the main conduit into town, so I feel that it should be larger? Maybe I’ll consult my super-smart brother!

Sidenote: I’m watching the end of How to Train Your Dragon 2. Man, Dreamworks pulled NO punches on this one. Even though I’ve already seen it, the emotions and expert storytelling in this movie are too much! I’m not crying, shut up. It’s my allergies. End sidenote.

Disaster strikes.  I wasn’t paying attention, and then I heard the tell-tale hiss of a creeper.  Here are the results…

Map 04:25 1-4

It was like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle. Except, you can’t look at all the pieces at the same time.  And there were no edges.  And the map, before the explosion, wasn’t exactly a square yet.

It was hopeless. Yes, my friends, it was useless.  I had to start over, which was really a blessing in disguise.  It forced me to go back and finish the ENTIRE map this time, so no more awkward blank spots.  Also, I added some unique features, namely a solid obsidian case.  Try to blow that up, you creeper jerk!

Boom! Creeper-proof! Now, this makes me feel like I need to make sure I put a map room of sorts in the palace, whenever THAT build actually happens!

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