Somedays, You Just Can’t Get Rid of a Bomb…

Things don’t always go the way you want, right? Today is one of those days. So, instead, I share another book with you!

Every self-respecting medieval/fantasy kingdom needs a good haberdashery.  Now, some of you may be asking yourselves, “Dude, what is a haberdashery?” Well, let me Google it for you:

a shop selling men’s clothing and accessories

The more you know, right? I just thought it was a fun word to use, so boom! Now, for the actual construction of this building. I might make another boom with this creation of mine, but this time it will be from the TNT blowing it up into tiny little bits out of frustration.

So, this is one of the four buildings in the old town square.  Think back, the original village was an off-shoot of the library up on the hill.  Researchers needed to research, and soon a town developed around the library.  Remember now? Well, this haberdashery dates back to the original creation of this square. Even scholars needed supplies, clothing, and accessories!

As I tried to develop this building, I wanted to keep it similar to the Grumpy Bear regarding style.  Yeah…nothing good came out it. Just check it out below.


Out of everything I tried, NOTHING seemed to work. I tried to change things, change the wood, change the style and nothing worked.  Part of this is because the build itself needs to be simple in nature, and apparently I’m not good at “simple.” Wow, that sounded egotistical.

Anyway, today’s title comes from the 1966 movie Batman: The Movie.  In this “excellent” film, our caped crusader, played by Adam West, finds a bomb in a public place.  He tries multiple times to get rid of it to no avail; every time he turned around, someone, something, or a duck was in his way, leading him to say the infamous line, “Some days, you just can’t get rid of a bomb!”  This is one of those days for me, so I’m just going to let it sit and think about how bad of a build it is.

I promised you a book! I like fantasy books, of course, and today was a refreshing update to the fantasy genre.  The Name of the Wind, written by Patrick Rothfuss, was an absolutely delightful read.  It’s the story of the innkeeper, Kvothe. Let’s just say he has had quite the delightful life.  At no point in this story did I get bogged down with intricate details and tidbits that sometimes happen in fantasy books. Rothfuss keeps the story moving, and this ended up being a book that I couldn’t put down until I had finished it.

Seriously, I couldn’t put it down.  I’ve been reading books off of a list I made, and the sequel was five or six books down on the list.  I very seriously considered just jumping straight into it, but only with the greatest of self-discipline did I resist. I am, however, very excited to get into it though!

I feel like this is a book that anyone can enjoy, not just fantasy nerds (Nerds, unite!).  It’s a great story about a man put into difficult situations walking his path through life…with a little fantasy mixed in here and there.  The best part, in my very humble opinion, is that characters treat Kvothe as this larger than life guy, but he’s super chill.  Rothfuss did a great job in writing him because he feels REAL. He has his good, he has his bad, he has his regrets and pride.  If you’re looking for a new read, check it out!

PS: Patrick Rothfuss also has a KILLER beard, so that extra reason to pick up The Name of the Wind!

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