Just Another Brick in the Wall

Updates and expansions! What more could anyone want?!

So, my brother is awesome.   He took my bridge idea and upgraded it to something amazing.  I can still see the basis of what I had, but the details of his additions are truly what makes it shine.  Well played! Not bad for a bunch of blocks, right?NK039

I realize that this isn’t much of an update, but I’m still ok with it.   Every journey has a beginning, and every beginning has to have an end.  I am pleased to announce that this is the end of a paramount beginning!  Today, I started the last section of the walls!

This section of the walls marks the edges of the third district.  This is the newest of the three parts of the city, so I’m expecting the building and walls to look slightly different.  The dwarves would have assisted in the construction, adding another layer of “different” to the mix.

The first addition that I’m going to add to the walls are some towers. They will overlook the large, flat section that I terraformed not too long ago.  It should make a pretty impressive view at some point in the future!

WK017This is going to sound very odd, but I’m not quite sure what I want these towers to look at.  I think I’m going to do some sort of rounded, but pointy, tower? I don’t want to do a square-based pyramid though.  I’ll also need to figure out what the composition of the spire will be made of. So many choices!

WK018I can’t wait until I get some more work done! I just need to tear out all of that stone and put some grass in, build the gate, the walls, etc.  Expect some updates in the future! It’s about time some of the other sections of the kingdom get some love, right? It’s not always about that crazy north side!

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