Third Time is the Charm!

Two more tries and finally…FINALLY…this stupid haberdashery is done.

So, before we begin, and keep in mind that I backlog quite a few entries on here.  Currently, I’m about a week and a half in advance, so if it’s already come out, I’m sorry.  I’m ready for Minecraft 1.12 to be released. It is SO CLOSE I can taste it. I want the concrete powder. I want the concrete blocks! They might have helped with the travesty that follows below…

Welcome to Morty’s, one of the founding buildings of this kingdom.  The slide show below was the THIRD iteration of the build for this building. Persistence and perseverance, right? Wow…Yeah. Anyways, this is Morty’s.  He comes from a long line of haberdashers.


What if Morty has a “side business” involving more rare and unique wares? Yeah! I can feel the inspiration tidal wave coming now!

Business for a haberdasher is always steady and consistent. Everyone needs clothes, and it’s easier to patch and repair an old article of clothing than it is to buy a brand new item.  For Morty’s father, his grandfather, and his great-grandfather, being a mere haberdasher was enough.  Not for Morty however.  Morty craved more, and he saw an opportunity to help individuals with more unique requests.

So Morty spent his time selling and repairing clothes like his father before him.  However, after the sun sets and the doors of the haberdashery lock up, he sneaks down to the basement of the shop and enchants items for the people with the coin to pay for it.  Never mind that the current ruler of LKAJLKDJF (city name) has placed a ban on selling or creating all magical goods; what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him, right?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now I need to go back into this building and build a secret basement! Ahhhh! Hopefully, this addition goes smoother, faster, and easier than it did the first time.

As we leave today, I wanted to leave you with another screenshot that blew my mind. This is really starting to turn into something, isn’t it? NK045

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