Making Main Street Look Gooooood!

Today’s post is all about taking Main Street to the next step. I present some different choices and maybe(?) settle on one?!

I spent a lot of time in the past few weeks trying to understand villains. I’ve discovered that if you have a weak villain that isn’t very well thought out, you can’t actually make a real skeleton. Yes, folks, my work on my frame summary has stalled out.  I feel like I have a good half of my skelly lightly plotted out but quickly realized that yours truly can go no further until I understand my antagonist better.

Growing up, I never realized that a writer would have to think of his or her creations as real people.  That point was lost on me in my education until I was much older. I try really hard to impress this on my students now but haven’t really found a good way to drive the point home. Maybe it’s because I’m still learning it too?

Anyway, I love the idea of a villain that fought for good before his or her downfall. Yes, folks, the antagonist was formerly a protagonist. This shift in paradigm would require a something massive to happen; Anakin’s fear and eventual loss of Padme is a good example.

Anyway, this requires more thinking on my part, that’s for sure. I’m hoping to start posting more updates of this sort in the future! Anyway, on to today’s post!

As you can surmise from today’s title, I’m ready to make Main Street into something special.  Say goodbye to plain old boring stone! Now, I’ve recently been traveling all over the country, and as I roamed the streets of San Fransico, I realized I like how they did some of their streets. For starters, they used brick blocks! I almost forgot that this block existed in this game.  I decided to sketch some stuff out and came up with this below.


Yeah, it’s not really that amazing. It’s way too busy, that’s for sure! I don’t want to lose the brick though, so I started to swap it around with the intention of using it as an accent, not the star. By moving the red brick to the edge and changing the road into something else made it really start to pop!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, what should the road be made out of? I played around with a couple of ideas as you can see in the slide show. The stone brick is used too much as the wall, so I chose against it.  The dark gray block is actually cyan clay, and I reeeeeeally liked it.  I ultimately decided it against it though because of the texture–it’s simply too bland.  All that we have left is our winner:


The light gray concrete powder really makes this shine!

Now, a few things to note:

  • The bushes are subject to be removed based off of the buildings that pop up around it. I want the buildings to be taller than the northern district’s buildings, but I know that they can’t be too tall because of my super-smart brother.
  • The trees have some green space around them now.  I want to make sure I keep splotches of green in this more “urban” area, so the grass should really pop out.

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