Sailing, Sailing…

I undertake the LARGEST terraforming project to date…I build an ocean!

When I started building all of this nonsense, I immediately loved the location–mountains, forests, and rivers, oh my!  The only thing that I felt that was missing was a large body of water.  Now, I had been looking for a map for an hour at this point and was over it.  Casually, I just thought “Eh, I can always add one in if I want it later.”

**insert facepalm here**


Today, I proudly present “The Ocean: A Documentary Recording the Efforts of an Idiot.”

Ocean 07 This area looks quite different from the last time we saw it. Don’t recognize it? Good. It’s supposed to be a lost/hidden portal between the various realms. It’s now overlooking the ocean for those romantic dates one takes in between saving the world and traveling between the realms.

Below, you’ll see a brief slideshow showing the update to the area. Yeah, I mixed it up a little bit this time. Sometimes you just have to end with the finished product and then go back and show the stuff off. It’s like eating dessert before you eat your meal.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The last thing I would like to share is an updated map. Now, today’s post actually only showed a small portion of the work that went into this post.  Honestly though, if I were to show you pictures of the other areas I worked on, it would be awful because it would only show water.  So instead of boring you, dear readers, I’ll show you a map that shows what I’ve done.  The first map will be a “before” taken from a month or so ago, and the second will include the coastline and our new ocean.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking, “That’s it? Really?” However, when you actually walk around the world and the coast, you can’t see ANY land across the water. That was what told me that I had done something worth doing. It’s crazy how different the world can look when walking the land as opposed to flying over it or looking at a map.

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