Stay Away, Building Inspectors!

No inspectors allowed! Today we explore a bunch of unfinished, and potentially unsafe, buildings all around the city!

Today’s addition to this excellent (humble, aren’t I) blog revolves all around buildings.  The best part, NONE are finished, hence the title. I don’t need any crazy building inspectors around with their “This building is unsafe!” mumbo-jumbo!

It’s not like I’m not concerned with designing safe buildings, but this is all just some crazy rough sketch, ya’ know what I’m sayin’? There’s a process to all of this:

  1. I build crappy looking buildings.
  2. I complain about how awful they look.
  3. I go back to the drawing board and make some modifications.
  4. I complain about how mediocre they look.
  5. I call the brother up, and he saves the day.

See? Process! Don’t even ask what my writing process is like.


I know what you’re thinking: “Ugh, more boxes!” Is that right? It was either that or “I’m hungry.” Or maybe that’s me.

This building is meant to be a connector between District 2’s town square and the eastern portion of Main Street.  I’m going to have some taller buildings in this area for a couple of different reasons: something needs to offset the tall building of the palace, and I want to differentiate the two districts.  I’m planning on adding a couple of taller buildings all up and down Main Street, but I’m going to be very careful to not block sight lines to the nice, lovely sections of the city that I’ve been developing.

I honestly have no idea if this will be a flop or not.  I do know that wood-framed buildings are at most three floors tall, but there’s going to be some magic involved as well as some dwarven ingenuity, so I got some wiggle room if I want it.


Everybody handles boredom differently.  I usually solve mine with Netflix or video games (currently replaying Diablo 3).  Sometimes, I get creative and then part of a blacksmith’s shop erupts out of nowhere.  It’s a start, that’s for sure.

This row of houses has given me so many difficulties. I couldn’t stand how the two houses I had built had looked like giant wood boxes, so I decided to try and add some features to make them look better.  The log pillars in the left picture help to break up the vast majority of wood by creating a border.  On the right side, I added another border by adding a stone foundation.


Finally, I adjusted the size of the right house, as you can see above.  This helps to break up the cookie cutter feeling I was having too.  I’m still bothered by the fact that they look like awkward ducks though… Oh well, I can try to fix that on the other two houses. Maybe I could try a flat patio roof? Or a flat patio roof that serves as a patio for the second floor?

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