I’ve caught something…


Today, I bring you a post that I’m hoping is a start of something awe-inspiring.  The subject of our post today?


Yes! The library! Boom! And it’s even going to have a secret exit. Every reputable place of magical instruction needs a secret exit, right?

So, here’s what we’ve got. We’re currently sitting in the north section of the kingdom, between the exterior wall and the Old Town Square.  Behind the row of houses (dare I say, cottages?), there is a hill.  One day, I was just flying around the kingdom admiring my handiwork, and I saw this little section of nothing.  It’s nestled between some houses and the wall and is quite literally “wasted space.”

I don’t like wasted space.

It came to me almost immediately. It’s unassuming, it’s nothing special…let’s make it special.  All of a sudden, we are now looking at something special, and the idea of a secret exit came almost immediately. So let’s take a look at the build process, shall we?


My first idea was to turn this into some sort of tunnel like entrance.  As you can see, though, the area doesn’t necessarily lend itself to anything like that, so I had to change my course of action.  “Well, AJ, what is unassuming?” It hit me then…a well!

The stairs were my idea of a footprint for this well.  Scale/Ratio is something that I find myself always struggling with, and this was no exception. Minecraft isn’t the best medium sometimes, but it’s been amazing so far in every other aspect, so I’m gonna keep at it!

With the footprint in place, I started trying to tie it into the surrounding area. I’ve decided to make one of these cottages have a back door for easy access to the well.  A few path blocks later, and now I’ve got the makings of a path, albeit, an obviously unused path, but a path all the same.


Fifteen minutes later and now I have a well.  I ended up giving up the idea of using the stairs.  I was complaining about scale and ratio earlier, remember? By using some slabs, I was able to give myself a little more wiggle room with sizing  (Sidebar: I really wish that they would put vertical slabs in this game).  Anyway, when you approach the well, a sharp eye may notice something strange in the water.


Do you see it?


A ladder! This is the view from the bottom of the well. What? How’s the water not going all the way down the well? Uh, magic, apparently! This is a secret exit for the MAGIC LIBRARY SCHOOL place after all.


This is all that I have done for the secret tunnel, and it brings me back to the beginning of the post. Hopefully, this is a project that I will feel that elusive “inspiration bug.”  Ultimately, I would LOVE to have this tie in with the tunnels on the western edge of the city that has the sewer grate on the wall, but we’ll have to see.

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