A Stroll Down Memory Lane

A fun game that my friends, my brother, and I played while much younger serves as inspiration for today’s post.

Alright alright alright! How are we doing today? I am incredibly excited for today’s post about the library, so I’m just going to jump right into it without any crazy build up like normal.

Many years ago, in a neighborhood down memory lane, I remember fondly playing with a set of brothers. My brother and I would walk the six houses down to our friends’ and spend hours doing what kids do.  One activity that I remember vividly is that we were going to design our “adult house.”  Basically, we would tape together a bunch of printer paper and draw our house from the side.

Basically, we would tape together a bunch of printer paper and draw our house from the side. Once we had the exterior drawn, usually just a big square, the fun really began. We would add the rooms with all kinds of wacky and zany additions.  There were slides, giant ball pits, secret doors, trap doors, huge kitchens full of crazy food and a whole bunch of crazy features.  I’m pretty sure we had a zero-g room at one point!

Today’s post is the first part of our massive house build. I literally begin to take the mountain the library sits on and start to carve it away into floors.  I’ve not added any rooms yet, nor have I done anything but carve out large rectangular prisms in the wall, but there will soon be rooms!

The rooms are going to be all sizes and shapes, with some stretching multiple floors and others being no larger than a broom closet. You’ll also see I’ve got the start of a grand staircase going on…not sure what’s going on that, I’ll be honest. That’s a problem for future AJ!

Enjoy the slideshow! More posts to come!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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