Safe Space

I learn something about myself! Also, I marvel at how much a small addition changes a huge location.

So, I think I just made an important self-discovery: This is my safe space.  I have such a constant fear of being “just right” at my job and in my real life that I never get a chance to just relax and be a big ole’ screw up.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against making mistakes in public or being perfect all the time.  I just have a problem with it after the fact. I will sit and contemplate about what I could have done differently to the point of absurdity, asking myself, “What could I have done differently?”  Sometimes it’s just nice not to have to play clean up after a mistake.

This blog is entirely different. I KNOW this isn’t going to be perfect. As I said before, I treat this as a stream of consciousness type deal.  This allows me to just get all of my ideas out, and who cares if they aren’t the best? Who cares if I rush into something?  I don’t have this blog to impress people, even though I compulsively check my stats to see how many people have seen my work.

I don’t know why I’m writing this. Honestly, I think it’s important that I leave it though.  This can serve as a reminder to myself that this blog is safe. I am allowed to make mistakes. I am allowed to relax. I am allowed to be the real me, and I like that.

Today’s post–now that the feel-good session is over–is once again at the library.  I got to the point where I was enjoying what the library was developing into, and I wanted to relax and have a low-key post as I begin to develop more ideas and my “next-steps.”  Luckily, even though this is a “Diet Post,” I still think it actually adds quite a bit and is something that I’m quite pleased with.

Like I said, not really anything special, but the addition of the pathway really sets the path apart now.  I know, it’s silly, but by connecting the staircase to the library, everything starts to pull together.  I know, you’re probably thinking “How can you tie stuff together when you haven’t built anything yet?!”

It makes sense in my head, ok?

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