A New Cover Photo!

Small tweaks and a new cover photo, what more could you ask for?

I don’t have anything super witty or random to post as an introduction today…EXCEPT FOR SOME HUGE NEWS! I think I’ve gotten a really strong grasp on what I want my villain to be like!  Yes, folks, I have been rolling this around in my head forEVER!  Personally, I feel that if I can’t get the villain down, I won’t be able to get the story down.

A hero is only as good as his or her villain.

My biggest struggle is that I need to make sure I don’t rely on the overused, boring tropes that one tends to find in media today.  I think that I  have a grasp on it now though, so I get to go back to my skeleton and start adding and tweaking to possibly get a good look of what book one will look like!


Today’s post from the magical world of Minecraft deals with two minor updates.

Update 1: I tweaked the gate for the northern gatehouse.  I realized that the fence posts weren’t really very, err, sturdy? Anyway, I added some thick timber behind the “gate” to shore up defenses.  It’s a minor change, yes, but I think it looks better, for sure!

 Like I said, small tweaks.

Update 2: If you couldn’t tell from the title of today’s post, which I’m sure you could because you’re all brilliant people, I have a new cover photo for my blog! I’ve updated the northern region so much that I figured it was long overdue.  I know, I still have a long way to go, but it looks so different!

Cover photo 8:6

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