One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards!

Today, I tried to save a little bit of time and end up destroying part of the northern district’s marketplace…. =/


This is what I get for trying to cut corners….. NK097

Yes, my friends, there is a market stall literally embedded into the road over by the Grumpy Bear.  I was hoping that I could use some commands to cut and paste the larger market stall to the other side of the road.  A quick way to save 10-20 minutes, right?


Growing up, my parents constantly had to remind me that I needed to slow down on my school work (I’ve really improved according to this post here, but hey, I’m honestly trying).

Anyway, yeah, I’m trying to slow my roll, but now I realize that, while I can slow my actions, I struggle with slowing my brain down.  I think that is part of the reason why I stress myself out so much actually–I can’t keep up with my brain.

Man, it would be really cool if the technology existed that would just scribe what is on my mind.  I know this is going to sound odd, but I was barely able to keep up with my line of thought today. No joke, I was thinking, was surprised by one of my thoughts, noted my surprise in my head, and then realized that my brain had already moved on by the time I had made that mental note!

My head is a dangerous place. Anyway, time to clean up a blunder!NK098So lonely…so sad.

NK099 Instead of having a new building to show off, I now have nothing. Actually, I do have something: I messed up the road while rebuilding it! I need to remember to straighten that jag out a little bit.


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