Fountain Run!

Time to give the Palace District some love! Fountain decorations, any one?

Whenever I think of fountains, I’m taken back to my college years at Purdue University. One of the staple activities on campus is to run through the different fountains.  While I can’t run through the Palace District’s fountain (you know, because it’s Minecraft), I still find myself thinking back fondly to that time of my life where final exams were the worst thing I had to deal with. Anyway, I want to make something cool out of this fountain, and let’s be real, it desperately needs some work.CK026

Added some pillars…. What else could go here? Honestly, I sat staring at my screen for a good ten minutes before I figured out a possibility.  Here’s what I came up with:

Ah! We got worms in our city! Hmmm…. It’s a start, and I like it, but I need to add something more to this build. 

It’s a start, but I don’t like the pattern. Maybe I should change the two newest additions?


You know, for having absolutely no idea what I was planning for this section, I’m actually quite pleased with how it turned out. It almost actually looks like a piece of art! Almost. Don’t worry, I’m not getting a big head.

Next time, we’ll be coming back to this fountain and adding some more. Hopefully I like it as much then as I do now!

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