Finalizing the Fountain

Now that the structure is done, I can go in and start to finalize different elements of it. Well, you know me, finalize it…for now!

Edit: Apparently, I did it again.  I thought I had finalized this post and it was nooooooo where near done. Whoops! Here’s another “mostly-image” post! Sorry! -AJ


Replacing wool with concrete. White wool only, but it looks so much better.


Top half all concreted up! Also changed purple to magenta. It just looks cleaner I think.


Trying glass. Gross. Not trying it anymore. Noooooooooo.


All concreted up, but I’m not sure about the colors… They may have to change. Maybe if I did one blue’ish color with one pink’ish color instead of all blue on one side and all pink on the other…



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