Main Street Madness

Today, I continue working on the main street and begin constructing the palace district’s town square!

Today’s post is going to be a little different than some of my others.  Instead of showing a finished project, I’ll be doing more of a progress update. Hey, I didn’t call this update “Main Street Madness” for nothing! This is a massive project!

My first objective was to take the pattern on the left picture and start copying it onto the western portion of the main street.  Unfortunately, my first goal quickly spawned in my first problem.  The land in the east was beautiful, flat and manageable. The west side? Not so much. At all. I think I have a plan at least? As shown above, I’m going to try to make a step-down pattern.

I fully understand that this is Minecraft and that one of the disadvantages to using Minecraft is that it’s a bunch of blocks on blocks on more blocks.  I just keep reminding myself that this is just an outlet for my creativity.  Anyway, I know that my setting will not ACTUALLY be a blocky world and I need to remember that.

CK005Next update is on the green space lining the side of the east section of the main street. Problem number two was something some may consider small and petty, but I couldn’t figure out what color I want the bark of the tree to be.  I like the lighter aspect of the gray currently, but after I replace the road with the new concrete? Hmm…. I’m not sure!

Last big section–the town square!  I began constructing the centerpiece! The design ended up becoming harder to see than I anticipated due to the water, but I’m still pleased! Maybe I’ll adjust the bottom of the fountain to add some more depth. That will stand out more than the different types of blocks, that’s for sure!

Future plans for the centerpiece are not laid in stone yet.  On the one hand, I want to build one breathtaking fountain in the middle.  On the other hand, I’m toying around with building an ornamental tree growing out of the midst of the water.  My original thoughts on this tree were that it could be a peace offering between the elves and the kingdom? Not sure, but there’s no such thing as a bad idea!

I leave you today with the updated map. No creepers came and tried to destroy my hard work this time! Anyway, I love how this is coming along. The roads are really doing quite a bit to frame everything up. I’m curious what this will look like down the road, however.

I’m curious what this will look like down the road, however. I’m thinking that most of this will be built on eventually, which means that I’ll be building a LOT of buildings. How do I keep the builds unique (but still following a building style) without it getting stale?  My current ideas are to make each of the three districts stand apart from each other, kind of a similar but different thing?

Something to ponder, my friends! Until next time!

MAP 5:13

Main Street Madness

More roads! However, today, we work on the main road, ranging from the palace town square to the eastern wall gate. It’s gonna be great!

Oh, and I talk about another book!

I spent a lot of time trying to come up with something catchy about “Main Street.”  I tried songs, lyrics, all a bust.  Best I can come up with is “State Street” from Frank Sinatra’s Chicago. Man, sometimes catch intros can be so hard! I’ll do better next time! To make it up to you all, I’ll review another book, and this one has a twist to it!

Anyway, in case if you didn’t realize, I’m spending today’s post talking about the kingdom’s “Main Street,” that will run from the east gatehouse to the western wall.  I thought about having the third and newest district get in on some of this glory. However, I ultimately decided against it for a multitude of reasons. The most important of reasons though is this: I have NO IDEA how to make the pattern I’m about to show you bend.

So, this is what we started with. We are currently looking towards the north with the palace sitting just over the left hill seen below.  This is one-half of the current project, with the other half continuing on the western edge of the circle.  EK005

My brother and I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to construct this road.  Thankfully, there are no cars in this world, so we are allowed to take certain liberties with the roads that would not function in our world.  We settled on a wavy pattern, and I’ll be honest, when the bro recommended it, I wasn’t convinced at first.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but well, I thought that a wavy road would be odd. I think part of my problem was that I was stuck in the 21st century of the United States where roads are super straight. Curse you, mind, for being a silly fool!EK006

The final piece of this build that place me firmly in the “This is awesome!” column was the bushes running along the side of the road.  When originally planning this road, I used green wool to denote the boundaries of the road.  Now green kind of looked like bushes, and when we were working on the waves, we liked how the “bushes” framed the build. After I removed the wool, the build just did not look right, so the brother and I decided to add the bushes back, with some lighting cleverly hidden beneath them.  Now we can create some green space along the clearly defined/bordered road, something that would set this road apart from all of the others.

Just use your imaginations: trees, flowers, awesomeness. Yeah, it’ll be grand.


The book that I wanted to share today is called Skeleton Creek.  Skeleton Creek takes place in a small town. (This town also coincidentally has a Main Street, but mine will probably look better!) Well, what sets this book apart is how it’s created. Yes, created, and not written.

First off, it’s a young adult book. It’s perfect for anyone ages 11-90 and tells an amazing ghost/spooky story.  Now, here’s the catch about this book: It’s written in the main character’s (Ryan) point of view as he is writing in his journal. The story begins with Ryan recovering from a serious injury.  As the story progresses, readers are introduced to the second main character and Ryan’s best friend, Sarah.

Sarah doesn’t write in a journal, nor does she get to read what is going on in Ryan’s journal.  Sarah is a vlogger, and as Ryan progresses the story in print form, Sarah supplements with her videos. You can’t just read the story or watch the videos independently; they work together to tell and expand on the story.

It’s very well done and is unlike any book that I’ve read previously.  Obviously, it comes very highly recommended and will become a staple in my classroom in future years!