I ramble a bit and try to get back onto a routine! More importantly, I also revisit an old build that I put on the back burner and start laying down more plots for houses.

Growing up, I hated having a busy schedule–I worked at a bowling alley, involved heavily in the band, had my studies, and I still tried to have a social life.  I remember thinking, “Life will be so much easier as an adult! I can do what I want when I want!”

Yeah, insert massive eye roll here. I was stupid in high school apparently.

Anyway, I’ve come to learn that I NEED A SCHEDULE.  It’s like learning that you SHOULD eat your vegetables, or that your parents may actually know what they’re talking about… Without a schedule, I’m garbage.

I need my routine! That means that this project will get back to the normal, three-times-a-week update schedule that I had been doing (Sun., Wed., and Fri.).  I may back it down to twice a week if things start to get crazy, but I would rather not!


Today, we’ll be revisiting a build. The original bridge in the Eastern water feature section.  I decided that the bridge was too large of a scale for the area.  I decided to take off a block on either side of the bridge and was immediately pleased by that decision. It looks much better when comparing it to the rest of the area, that’s for sure.


My next step today was to start figuring out where more houses would be.  I’m trying to figure out how this small village has evolved, which like everything else in this project, is surprisingly difficult.

I’ve already said that the other two districts developed due to a need for more space and housing.  This implies that there must be housing already, right? So, if that’s the case, I need to put some houses up! As I look at this, I’m keeping a running tally in my head: 4 double-deckers, 9 small cottages… that’s not a lot.  I’ve got some more room to add more between the northern and the eastern districts, but is that enough? I know, this isn’t going

I know, this isn’t going to be a REAL city…but I still want to do my best! This requires more thought!

A dash of this, a smidge of that…

Cooking, Minecraft, and houses! Who could ask for more?

I enjoy cooking quite a bit.  It’s amazing taking some foods, adding some spices and boom, bon appétit! I recently made some jambalaya, a specialty of mine and I just can’t get enough of it. Every time I make it, however, I always wonder if it’s good enough. It’s gotten to the point that every time I see jambalaya on the menu at a restaurant, I buy it and obsess over how my jambalaya compares. Seriously, it’s a miracle that my wife agrees to eat at restaurants that serve jambalaya with me.

Anyway, the point that I’m trying to get to is that I’m neurotic.  I’m also a glutton for punishment because one of the places I want to go visit is New Orleans and try some amazing food, listen to some fantastic music, and destroy my self-confidence when it comes to cooking jambalaya.

Well, not really the point I’m seeking to make, but just a fact.  My point is I like mixing things together to create something that is better than the sum of the ingredients. That’s synergy, folks! and really cheesy!  Anyway, this is how I see Minecraft.  I start with some “ingredients,” usually decide that I’ve done an awful job at something, and go back to the drawing board and try it all over again.

Anyway, here’s attempt number one of the row of buildings in the northern district.  They’re sort of like my medieval interpretation of the Painted Ladies in San Fransisco (Remember Full House? Boom!) and some houses that I’ve seen in my hometown.  Below, I started to frame up the buildings.

Below, I started to frame up the buildings and began to add some different blocks to make some choices.  I need to add something in to break up all of that wood, that’s for sure.  I like the fence posts and the concrete walls as well; it is good to get different sizes going on in builds (which is difficult in Minecraft, that’s for sure).

We’ll return to these later, that’s for sure!



Concrete is out! Yessss! Nothing too special here, just trying to decide on what I want to replace the stone with.  I have to admit, I don’t think that concrete will be a good fit here; the flat texture is amazing in different builds, but definitely not here.  The cyan clay (far left) at least has some texture to it, but it’s too dark…

Garvog gets an update! I think that the concrete WILL fit on the blade better than the diorite.  I think. Maybe?

You decide! The left side of the blade is diorite, right side is white concrete.

Nothing Like a Fresh Cup o’ Joe!

The town square gets an upgrade and the eastern water feature gets a bridge!

There are many times that becoming a teacher was a questionable career choice.  For some reason, people think we got it easy, especially with having the summers off (just for the record, the seven weeks that I get off in the summer are more than made up for during the actual school year with unpaid extra work).

Anyway, with summer well underway, I’ve gotten into quite a relaxing habit of waking up and starting the morning with a fresh cup of coffee and some form of relaxing–reading, catching up on some old tv shows that have been rotting in my DVR, playing some Minecraft.  The feeling of contentment and total relaxation is amazing, one that I wish I could bottle up and save for the school year.

Anyway, this amazing feeling of contentment leads to some Minecraft inspiration, so without further delay, I proudly present today’s post: the old public office building!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The exterior was difficult and is definitely subject to change.

The interior is all made of chocolate! Yeah, I know, that’s a lot of brown, but as soon as the exterior is finalized a little more, I’ll go in and add some variety.  The ground floor is a general store, so there will be a ton of different colors and objects to break up Chocolate Island.  The upstairs could be a combination of an office and/or an apartment for the owner.

The last little addition today is a bridge that goes over part of the newly added water features in the eastern kingdom.  I was trying to model this off of some similar bridges I saw in Central Park in NYC: lots of stone, low rising, ya know.  It’s a good start, but, as always, there will be some updates in the future, I’m sure.


Whether it is dealing with water in real life or in Minecraft, I manage to find difficulties wherever I go.

Growing up, I had a terrible habit of falling into significant amounts of water.  It was so bad that my third-grade teacher gave me a nickname that stuck for years (fun fact: it was even part of my first email address!). I loved the water, and yes, the falling into it was legitimately an accident.

Now, as an adult, I still appreciate water. It’s amazing to go for a nice swim or take a long shower. However, I’ve recently had to dive (heh, I’m so punny) into the world of amateur plumbing due to the sinks in my bathroom. It’s awful, plain and simple.

Minecraft water is just as much of a pain I’ve realized.

Today’s post occurs outside of the most hideous gate entrance, the eastern gate. I was trying to figure out a way to get water flowing over to the portion of the wall that has the water flowing out of it in the posh district, and I feel like I did a pretty decent job, but boy, did it make me work for it. Today’s post will be in slideshow form, and there is quite a few of them.

As this is a work in progress, I don’t have too much to say right now about anything, but expect updates soon!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t Stop Me Now!

Today is a continuation of the last post! Time to clean up and start fixing some parts of the new features in the eastern portion of the kingdom.

I am in love! Yes, my wife is amazing! It’s amazing how she encourages me to keep up with this crazy, silly idea. Between her and my brother, I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such awesome people!

Sometimes, I’m convinced that the radio is secretly watching and listening to me.  As I’m riding this current good-vibe train, the song “Don’t Stop Me Now” starts playing.  Perfect song at the perfect time!  Now excuse me for a second while I go watch the clip of Shaun of the Dead where this song is featured. If you’ve never seen it or the movie before, check it out!

Ok, I’m back and focused! Super psyched and ready to go! In our first set of screenshots today, I’ve done my favorite thing ever: build roads.  No joke, I’m looking forward to a break from building roads.  Anyway, nothing special going on here. I’ve made some minor adjustments to the layout in a few places, but only by a few blocks or so.

This next section is PURELY experimental.  What happens here depends on how the waterfall section ends.  I’m modeling this area off of the portion over by the windmill, but the combination of the waterfalls and the bridge that crosses over them will determine what this area ends up looking like.

2017-05-18_22.05.37In wrapping up this last section, I’m once again blown away by this view.  It’s not even done, or close to being done, yet it’s already quite impressive.  Things to still to complete (that I can think of) in this section are:

  • Complete the waterfalls
  • Add a third building to the left of the pink outline
  • Build the small footpath bridge by the pink building
  • Build the larger bridge to the left in the picture above

Eastern Kingdom Makeover – The Beginning

So, a massive overhaul is now in the works over in the eastern kingdom. I’m incredibly excited about this build, but this is going to be a long haul!

Are you ready for this? Am I?

Today marks the start of a new, and if I may be so bold, fantastic project.  It’ll be located by the eastern gate, just north of the main street.  In the pictures below, it’s the giant awkward mountain that was sticking out randomly and awkwardly.  In the left picture below, that mountain is in the center top portion of the image. It’s actually a little easier to see it in the right picture, off to the left-hand side.

So, the project there, meaning that the first step of this build was to, well, remove a mountain!

Now, I’m not going to fill up this post with a bunch of random pictures that don’t make a lot of sense out of context. The best way to convey this process to you would be to show you a time-lapse, so roll that slide show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The big idea of this build is to include a water feature in the nicer portion of the kingdom which will become the “more beautiful’ district. There will be bridges, walkways, and waterfalls!

Obviously, this is a massive undertaking and is nowhere near completion.  The good part about the magnitude of this build is that it ties in with my work with the main street and town square.  Basically, I took two smaller builds, but still significant in their own right, and combined them into a super mega crazy build.

I’ve got two things sticking out in my head right now that I need to tackle:

  1. Lore. I know there will be some remarkable stories hidden in here. What could they possibly be? Expect some updates on this in future posts; you never know when the inspiration will hit me!
  2. Water flow. This turned out to be a much larger pain than I thought it would be.  The water flowing has to come from somewhere, and at the same time, it has to go somewhere else too.  Right now, I’m struggling with the source.  The brother and I basically started off this build by adding water at the wall and figured we would deal with the outside later. Well, later came, and we still had nothing. I guess we are waiting on later-later.
    In addition to coming into the walls, it has to go somewhere, right? Right now, the feeble story is that it flows down into underground caves. I know, I know, I feel like I’m cheating too.

With the end of the time that my brother and I had to work on this project, we walked from outside the eastern gate, down the main street, over what will be a bridge, and stopped at where the new road will be constructed.

I tried to take some snapshots that captured the feeling that I had when walking by this section.  I can’t wait to see what that building will look like that is currently just red wool.  I want to see how the water develops. This area gives me hope, which I realize sounds totally stupid.  It’s the same feeling I had when I first started adding the roads in though. This section is really turning into something–something that I and my brother created. It’s mind-blowing.

EK017EK018 Expect plenty of updates in the future on this! I can’t wait to show you more!

Main Street Madness

More roads! However, today, we work on the main road, ranging from the palace town square to the eastern wall gate. It’s gonna be great!

Oh, and I talk about another book!

I spent a lot of time trying to come up with something catchy about “Main Street.”  I tried songs, lyrics, all a bust.  Best I can come up with is “State Street” from Frank Sinatra’s Chicago. Man, sometimes catch intros can be so hard! I’ll do better next time! To make it up to you all, I’ll review another book, and this one has a twist to it!

Anyway, in case if you didn’t realize, I’m spending today’s post talking about the kingdom’s “Main Street,” that will run from the east gatehouse to the western wall.  I thought about having the third and newest district get in on some of this glory. However, I ultimately decided against it for a multitude of reasons. The most important of reasons though is this: I have NO IDEA how to make the pattern I’m about to show you bend.

So, this is what we started with. We are currently looking towards the north with the palace sitting just over the left hill seen below.  This is one-half of the current project, with the other half continuing on the western edge of the circle.  EK005

My brother and I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to construct this road.  Thankfully, there are no cars in this world, so we are allowed to take certain liberties with the roads that would not function in our world.  We settled on a wavy pattern, and I’ll be honest, when the bro recommended it, I wasn’t convinced at first.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but well, I thought that a wavy road would be odd. I think part of my problem was that I was stuck in the 21st century of the United States where roads are super straight. Curse you, mind, for being a silly fool!EK006

The final piece of this build that place me firmly in the “This is awesome!” column was the bushes running along the side of the road.  When originally planning this road, I used green wool to denote the boundaries of the road.  Now green kind of looked like bushes, and when we were working on the waves, we liked how the “bushes” framed the build. After I removed the wool, the build just did not look right, so the brother and I decided to add the bushes back, with some lighting cleverly hidden beneath them.  Now we can create some green space along the clearly defined/bordered road, something that would set this road apart from all of the others.

Just use your imaginations: trees, flowers, awesomeness. Yeah, it’ll be grand.


The book that I wanted to share today is called Skeleton Creek.  Skeleton Creek takes place in a small town. (This town also coincidentally has a Main Street, but mine will probably look better!) Well, what sets this book apart is how it’s created. Yes, created, and not written.

First off, it’s a young adult book. It’s perfect for anyone ages 11-90 and tells an amazing ghost/spooky story.  Now, here’s the catch about this book: It’s written in the main character’s (Ryan) point of view as he is writing in his journal. The story begins with Ryan recovering from a serious injury.  As the story progresses, readers are introduced to the second main character and Ryan’s best friend, Sarah.

Sarah doesn’t write in a journal, nor does she get to read what is going on in Ryan’s journal.  Sarah is a vlogger, and as Ryan progresses the story in print form, Sarah supplements with her videos. You can’t just read the story or watch the videos independently; they work together to tell and expand on the story.

It’s very well done and is unlike any book that I’ve read previously.  Obviously, it comes very highly recommended and will become a staple in my classroom in future years!