So Many Ideas!

Like a dog chasing a bunch of squirrels, my mind is all over the place! Try to keep up!


Oh, today. Today has been a day.  It’s reflected in my post as well.  I just couldn’t settle on ONE thing to do, so I bounced around all over the kingdom like a stray ping-pong ball.  Unfortunately, today isn’t going to involve too much content. Instead, I will be using this post as a brief introduction to some new ideas that I am going to build.


Every kingdom needs to have these. I’ve started laying out two different barracks in two separate districts–the northern and the western.  These will include a small armory, a small sleeping quarters, and a training yard.  Now that I think about it, I might need to add a stable as well….hmmm, this is why I like blogging my projects. It encourages my brain to think and develop some new ideas.

Northern Kingdom




Western Kingdom




2017-05-21_19.04.48One of the first things I had started to plan out when this entire project began was a blacksmith. I knew that, without a doubt, there would be a blacksmith in this story, and I am planning on him or her actively playing a role in this story.  I personally have always been drawn to blacksmiths in stories, so it’s only natural that I include one in my own work, right? I’ve only started laying out the different sections of this build, but I can tell it’s going to be fun already!

Northern Kingdom Houses

One of the things I felt that I was lacking was houses and places for people to live.  This is a kingdom after all, and it is more than just buildings, haberdasheries, and inns.  Two houses will be built up the road of the Grumpy Bear, with some more possibly on the other side.  I’m purposefully trying to make these homes different from those that will be in the third district.

I’m purposefully trying to make these houses distinct from those that will be in the third region.  Remember, the northern section of this kingdom is the oldest–it started off as a small village due to the library (that I haven’t touched yet….).  The growth of the village into a city and a kingdom later resulted in the need for more houses.  The row of houses (more details coming soon) and the houses by the eastern district (not even planned yet…) are a response to the first call for more homes due to the increased population.   Eventually, the third district is created, and more living space is created. Each section will be built and look slightly different to show the passing of time.





Wrap up thoughts/Stuff to keep thinking on…

Maybe I shouldn’t say kingdom. It’s too large of a scale I think.  Maybe I should just say city? Food for thought….