I ramble a bit and try to get back onto a routine! More importantly, I also revisit an old build that I put on the back burner and start laying down more plots for houses.

Growing up, I hated having a busy schedule–I worked at a bowling alley, involved heavily in the band, had my studies, and I still tried to have a social life.  I remember thinking, “Life will be so much easier as an adult! I can do what I want when I want!”

Yeah, insert massive eye roll here. I was stupid in high school apparently.

Anyway, I’ve come to learn that I NEED A SCHEDULE.  It’s like learning that you SHOULD eat your vegetables, or that your parents may actually know what they’re talking about… Without a schedule, I’m garbage.

I need my routine! That means that this project will get back to the normal, three-times-a-week update schedule that I had been doing (Sun., Wed., and Fri.).  I may back it down to twice a week if things start to get crazy, but I would rather not!


Today, we’ll be revisiting a build. The original bridge in the Eastern water feature section.  I decided that the bridge was too large of a scale for the area.  I decided to take off a block on either side of the bridge and was immediately pleased by that decision. It looks much better when comparing it to the rest of the area, that’s for sure.


My next step today was to start figuring out where more houses would be.  I’m trying to figure out how this small village has evolved, which like everything else in this project, is surprisingly difficult.

I’ve already said that the other two districts developed due to a need for more space and housing.  This implies that there must be housing already, right? So, if that’s the case, I need to put some houses up! As I look at this, I’m keeping a running tally in my head: 4 double-deckers, 9 small cottages… that’s not a lot.  I’ve got some more room to add more between the northern and the eastern districts, but is that enough? I know, this isn’t going

I know, this isn’t going to be a REAL city…but I still want to do my best! This requires more thought!

Nothing Like a Fresh Cup o’ Joe!

The town square gets an upgrade and the eastern water feature gets a bridge!

There are many times that becoming a teacher was a questionable career choice.  For some reason, people think we got it easy, especially with having the summers off (just for the record, the seven weeks that I get off in the summer are more than made up for during the actual school year with unpaid extra work).

Anyway, with summer well underway, I’ve gotten into quite a relaxing habit of waking up and starting the morning with a fresh cup of coffee and some form of relaxing–reading, catching up on some old tv shows that have been rotting in my DVR, playing some Minecraft.  The feeling of contentment and total relaxation is amazing, one that I wish I could bottle up and save for the school year.

Anyway, this amazing feeling of contentment leads to some Minecraft inspiration, so without further delay, I proudly present today’s post: the old public office building!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The exterior was difficult and is definitely subject to change.

The interior is all made of chocolate! Yeah, I know, that’s a lot of brown, but as soon as the exterior is finalized a little more, I’ll go in and add some variety.  The ground floor is a general store, so there will be a ton of different colors and objects to break up Chocolate Island.  The upstairs could be a combination of an office and/or an apartment for the owner.

The last little addition today is a bridge that goes over part of the newly added water features in the eastern kingdom.  I was trying to model this off of some similar bridges I saw in Central Park in NYC: lots of stone, low rising, ya know.  It’s a good start, but, as always, there will be some updates in the future, I’m sure.

Just some tweaks

Just a few little tweaks to the kingdom this time.

Inspiration has eluded me as of late. I decided that I’m going to put in a shanty town of sorts up against the north wall, but off of the main stretch of what will soon be stalls and shops.  It’s sad, but every place seems to have an area of slums of some sort… Or maybe I’m just reading some depressing books.

Two major tweaks today. The first, I tried to spice up the roads a little bit.  I think I like it…they’re kind of like gutters? It helps to define the edge of the road now, though, kind of like how you use a black Sharpie or crayon to outline your coloring? I’m going to need to look at this with a fresh set of eyes to be sure I like it.


By the way, I looked at the stuff I did last time to see if I still liked what I did (refresher: dwarf stuff).  I think I need to add more to make it look better.  The statue might need some tweaking, however.

The second change that I made is that I finished the suspension ropes on my bridge.  When I added the second (middle sections, not the middle), I was pleased.  The last section that I added today….not so much? Curse you, Minecraft, for only doing blocks and half blocks! *angrily shakes fist* Nah, just kidding.  I’ll need to tweak it a bit.  I’m not ready to say “Yeah, this is cool!”


No lore today. Maybe next time I could write some about the shanty town? We’ll see, I need to think on it.

Ha! Fooled You

So instead of working on my kingdom, I decide to start working on the road to the dwarven kingdom instead. Who says procrastination isn’t a great thing?

I can’t believe you fell for it! It’s the oldest trick in the book! C’mon, man!

God bless Mel Brooks.

Remember when I said, “Hey, posts aren’t going to be a bunch of pictures?”  Yeah…maybe more in the future…when I’m working on a building or a small section. Definitely not, however, when I’m still creating the infrastructure? I guess I need to say “There will be posts of ALL types: short, long, many pics, no pics, hairy, skinny, fat, etc…”

I decided that I’m going to take this bridge slowly. It’s freaking difficult to create the suspension rope parts because, and I don’t know if you realize this, but Minecraft is based around…blocks. Not rope. Anyway, here’s a progress update. I’m pleased.


Moody bridge post. How romantic!

I would like to introduce a new section of the kingdom today.  If you head to the west of our kingdom and go over the bridge, one finds themselves on a road.  If you follow the road far enough, you may find what is left of the once proud dwarves and their home….yeah, I don’t have a name for this either. I’ll work on coming up with some names though.

I’m trying to find a way to blend wilderness in with some dwarven touches.  I think it’s definitely a good start, but I know I have a long ways to go.  Anyway, check out the pictures below.

Oh, I thought taking a mountain down was a pain… Boy, was I wrong!  I built quite a bit of a mountain today and I have decided that I like to take them down a whole lot better than I like putting them up.  Look at the section above the tunnel to see what I’m talking about.  I added quite a bit there to make it look more like one continuous landmass and I think that it turned out ok.


Note to self: Take screenshots during the day. Granted, the statue at night looks wicked sweet, but the rest are kinda….meh. It’s a learning process! Today’s lore deals with my awesome statue.

To protect themselves from harm, the dwarves prayed to the hero-god Garvog.  He stood strong at the entrance of the city as an invading army of orcs swarmed around the massive stone dwarves. Garvog was an entryway guard and the rest of his platoon had fallen to the impending orc army.  He retreated out of the open and instead fought in the entryway.  Forcing the orcs to deal with the bottleneck, Garvog struck down orc after orc until the pile of bodies reached so high that further assault was impossible.  Garvog planted his sword in the ground, surrounded by the bodies of 127 dead orc soldiers, and stood tall until reinforcements came.  Awestruck of his bravery and abilities, the other dwarven gods blessed Garvog and welcomed him to their side to serve as a protector and inspiration for all dwarves to follow.

Eh, it’s a start.  I totally have to admit that when I write this lore, I’m literally typing whatever comes to my head. Like, for reals. Whatever pops in gets typed.  So, if it’s rough, that’s why.

Did you notice that I came up with a name too? Garvog? Yeah! A name! Not sure if I like it or not, but I can always change it. But I used a name!

Let’s Play Catch Up Pt. Deux

Catch up post 2 of 3. This details some of the work I have done in the northern section of the kingdom.

Charlie Sheen is really weird. Charlie Sheen as a Rambo-esque character? Yeah, for some reason that almost passes as normal to me. Tiger Blood! Winning! What is wrong with me? #itwasafunnymoviethough

Today’s post is playing some catch-up.  I started playing this world quite a bit before I started this blog.  Luckily, I had been taking a bunch of screenshots, so here will be the dumping ground for my Northern Wall and Bridge.  In the future, it should be one screenshot at a time…Not a whole bunch at once.

I know it can be slightly overwhelming…There are quite a few pictures, but I put captions in and that makes everything better, amirite?  This is a look at the northern part of this kingdom.  I’ve put the rough sketch up for my wall and terraformed the surrounding land. Guys..mountains are a pain. Here are some thoughts for this place.

The nearby village and farmers set up stalls and have small shops located inside of the northern gate.  Every morning they haul their wares along the main road to set up shop for the day, eager to sell their trinkets and food to the city folk.  

In between the northern entrance and the bridge entrance lies the Grumpy Bear Inn, a local establishment known for its fine ale, upbeat music, and a really upset bear statue found within.  Humans and dwarves alike used to frequent this establishment after a long day of work before they depart the city for their respective homes.  

If you cross the bridge and travel to the west, you find yourself in a valley.  By traveling deeper into the valley, one can find the entrance to the dwarven city of **SOMETHING DWARFY** silhouetted by waterfalls and sheer cliff faces.  All used to be welcome, but now, the dwarves have shut themselves off from the rest of the world to tend to their wounds after the slaughter unleashed upon them.

Next post, we’ll check out the eastern edge of the kingdom as well as the location of the palace.  It’ll be much shorter because I’m playing less catch-up.  After that….it’ll be normal updates! Gasp! Ooh! Much wow!