Developin’ the Dwarves

I spend some–ok, a lot–of time developing and working the land by the dwarven kingdom.

I like dwarves.  I always have.  Now, while they are not without their faults (stubbornness for one, but hey, I’m stubborn too so I can’t say anything…), they are most CERTAINLY not as bad as elves.  Now, seeing as how I’ve never shared this blog with anyone, I know I’m not going to be yelled at for saying that, but even so, I can hear imaginary people yelling at me for saying such things.

Elves can be stuffy, pretentious, and humongous know-it-alls that are stuck in the past and act like they know everything about everyone. (Yes, I know, you’re going to reply “Well, AJ, dwarves hold on to grudges forever too and they can be just as big of stick-in-the-muds as the elves!”…Well, yeah…. I guess)

Am I seriously having an argument with the voices in my head?!

All craziness aside, I was surprised how this build turned out.  I began framing this build out to connect two mountains into one jumbo mountain, as seen below.d008 However, the more I kept building, the more I realized that maybe I can do more with this area than simply connecting two peaks.

As the build progressed, I realized that I had created separate layers. Initially, I had planned on blending these layers together into one peak (you can see where I had started to do this on the right side of the second picture).  As I was framing the mountain together at this point, I realized instead that I could use this as fortifications that the dwarves could use to defend themselves from an attack to the east, where our kingdom just happens to lie.  Now, I haven’t even begun to develop this next line of thought beyond the point of “Oh, this could be cool”, but here goes.

Further south of the kingdom lies a forest. It’s not special, just a normal oak forest usually found in Minecraft.  When I created the world, however, I selected the option that creates really large biomes, meaning I now have a large forest south of the kingdom.  What can live in forests? Elves.  What doesn’t like dwarves? Elves. These thoughts led me to this lore:

In ages long past, the dwarves felt the need to fortify their position in the REALLY COOL NAME Mountains due to a perceived threat from the east.  It began initially with the elves who made the SOMETHING NOT AS COOL BUT STILL KIND OF COOL Forest.  Both races were wary of each other. The elves had a hard time trusting those who voluntarily chose the cold and dark stone whereas the dwarves distrusted anything who felt at ease under the vast and open sky.

While there was no war between these two races, both kept an incredibly close eye on the other for generations.  The dwarves literally carved the mountain out to create walkways that sentries patrolled and armed them with huge ballistae should the need ever arise.  The elves, equally distrustful, had their own secret defenses as well.  Neither side dared to declare war on the other without provocation; the losses that would be sustained would no doubt reach into the thousands.

Not sure what I think about the number “thousands”.  At the very least, it is a good placeholder.  Anyway, here is finished the first draft of the product.

d011d012 I know, I still need to build the ballistae.  Future plans also include changing out the dirt for stone and adding some different textures to this as well.  Would the dwarves have included different types of building materials? I really want to add some black concrete powder to this…maybe gray, but I’m not converting my world to a Minecraft snapshot. Instead, I’ll just wait until version 1.12 is released. I also would probably add some mossy stone/cobblestone by the waterfall as well.

That’s going to be it for this update, folks.  In the next update, we journey east and work on finishing some more walls! Yay, walls!