A Random Idea

I try a spur of the moment idea with moderate success.

Today marks the official end of summer for me.  Tomorrow, I get a fresh new batch of kiddos and begin my seventh time through 6th grade! (For those playing the counting game, I went through it one time and taught it five times. This makes six!)

Every year is a new year, and I have to admit, I am seriously excited to get back to some sort of regular routine. I’m not looking forward to the 5:30 AM wake up calls, and the insanely long hours of grading, but hey, it is what it is.

Anyway, I’m trying some new things this year. Last year left a bit of a sour note, and I want to make sure I don’t repeat it. But school isn’t why I have this blog, so it’s time to talk about something more blog appropriate!


So, in my mind-space, I’ve created this idea that the north district was the oldest bit of land in this beautiful city I’m building.  With that being the case, I understand that the walls of the current city wouldn’t have existed as they currently are.  So, today’s post is meant to be more of a memorial of sorts of a time long past: a portion of the wall that once protected the inhabitants.


So this was my basic skeleton. I was trying to get the proportions right regarding height and width of the pillars bordering the road.  I immediately decided that I needed to add some depth to this, but I was moderately pleased with this frame as a starting point.

As I built it up, it started to look too bulky.  I was satisfied with most of the shape, so as you can see in the right picture, I just shaved off a couple of blocks which ended up adding another layer to the arch and making it more defined. Score!


As I kept building, I realized that it was getting too large again. It almost looks like there are two roofs here, doesn’t it? Time to reduce the footprint again.

This is where I get torn.  The left picture shows a reduced build that looks less like a roof. The problem is, I lose that depth that makes the arches really pop. The right side is just too bulky though! Grr…

I’m leaving this for another day.  This is what I’m left with. Bulky left side; narrowed right.  It’s a start at least. I am planning on adding some flowers and green space around this, maybe that is what I need to help finalize and figure this puzzle out.


Until next time!

Traveling to the West

Today, we delve into the third district!


Today’s journey takes us away from Main Street and the northern area and drops us off in the west. Of the three districts in this super special kingdom, this is the section that has been the most neglected.  Ok, perhaps neglected isn’t the correct word, it has such a negative connotation. How about underdeveloped? That sounds a little better! Today, the most underdeveloped district gets a little love!

Before it gets the love, this land needs some special attention to get it ready.  Not sure why this reference popped in my head, but it’s like Katniss after she volunteers as District 12’s tribute and her Capital-given beauty consultants have to get her “civilized” before her meeting with Cinna in the Hunger Games.

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Random reference to a book series, I know, but appropriate for the slide show above, right?


Hooray! Today is special! You don’t only get one slide show, but you get two for the price of one. Yes, you read that correct; it’s a BOGO slideshow, two for the price of free!

I don’t know a lot about what I want to do in this area yet.  My first, initial, thoughts are to make this mostly residential. See? I have a sign that says it.


It’s posted on a sign, so it must be true? Right? Like the internet?

Anyway, yeah, regarding lore, I thought that as the city grew, places to live became more and more scarce. Obviously, this is the best place ever to want to live, so the city expanded.  As the city grew, it developed closer and closer to the dwarves.  Perhaps this could be a cause for the animosity and tension between the two kingdoms? This is a line of thought that I need to continue in the future. Hmmmmmmmm……

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At some point, the dwarves offer assistance in a gesture of friendship.  This excites me for a variety of reasons, but primarily it excites me due to being able to get away from building with wood!  I can use concrete and stone and then use wood as an accent!

In addition to getting fun building materials, I was thinking about taking using some ideas and influence from Skyrim.  (If you’ve not played it and are a fan of fantasy, I would recommend it. Be warned, it’s a loooooong game, especially if you are a completionist like me.)  Anyway, in Skyrim, there is a city (Markarth?) built into a mountain.  Perhaps I can push into the stone mountain and build some residences there.

There is a lot of potential in this area, and it will be fun to use a different build style and palette.  We’ll be in this area for the next couple of posts, so expect more updates and thoughts!  I’ve not written lore for quite a while, so including some more of that is also a goal.

Until next time!