One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards!

Today, I tried to save a little bit of time and end up destroying part of the northern district’s marketplace…. =/


This is what I get for trying to cut corners….. NK097

Yes, my friends, there is a market stall literally embedded into the road over by the Grumpy Bear.  I was hoping that I could use some commands to cut and paste the larger market stall to the other side of the road.  A quick way to save 10-20 minutes, right?


Growing up, my parents constantly had to remind me that I needed to slow down on my school work (I’ve really improved according to this post here, but hey, I’m honestly trying).

Anyway, yeah, I’m trying to slow my roll, but now I realize that, while I can slow my actions, I struggle with slowing my brain down.  I think that is part of the reason why I stress myself out so much actually–I can’t keep up with my brain.

Man, it would be really cool if the technology existed that would just scribe what is on my mind.  I know this is going to sound odd, but I was barely able to keep up with my line of thought today. No joke, I was thinking, was surprised by one of my thoughts, noted my surprise in my head, and then realized that my brain had already moved on by the time I had made that mental note!

My head is a dangerous place. Anyway, time to clean up a blunder!NK098So lonely…so sad.

NK099 Instead of having a new building to show off, I now have nothing. Actually, I do have something: I messed up the road while rebuilding it! I need to remember to straighten that jag out a little bit.


Building Update: Northern Kingdom

Just some tweaks and additional building on the inn.

Not too much progress today. Nothing super cool or exciting, just some tweaks to the Northern Gate, the Grumpy Bear Inn, and the marketplace.  In another, completely random, note….Maybe I should change the Grumpy Bear Inn’s name to the Sleepy Bear Inn? I think I like the sound of that better, but I’ll play around with it for the next couple of days to see if I like it better or not.


I cleaned up the original stand’s cover and I think the one color looks a little cleaner.  I really need to figure out what they’re going to sell, maybe that will help tie all of these stalls together.


So, this side looks like garbage. I need to figure this out like woah, don’t I? I don’t want the second floor to be as large as the first, but now I need to find some inspiration to figure out how to do the different roofs.


I was trying to break up the main gate slightly, make it less “Stone Brick Monstrosity” and into something a little pleasing to the eye.  I like the added spruce logs and the arches for sure.  I still should go in and add some cracked and mossy stone bricks now.  There definitely would be a quite of bit of moss on the exterior of the wall, being on the north side of stuff and all.


I wasn’t going to include this picture, but I couldn’t resist the lens flare! Michael Bay, eat your heart out!

Starting to Build!

I build stuff instead of working on the structure of the kingdom. Everyone needs a distraction every once in a while, right?

Yes, I know that the walls aren’t done.

Yes, I know I started building the path to the Dwarf Kingdom.

Yes, I know that I’ve not even STARTED the palace yet.

Don’t care.

When inspiration strikes, you take it and just go with the flow.  Today, I decided that the North Kingdom Wall region needed some work.  In my mind, I imagine this as a place that is frequently accessed by travelers from the surrounding villages as well as those travelers who may be on a journey of sorts.  Located directly inside the kingdom walls, it makes sense that there will be things available for this demographic, hence merchant stalls and The Grumpy Bear Inn.

nk11Farmers and traders need a place to sell their wares, and it would make sense that they would sell to a kingdom who has to outsource all of these needs, right? It’s still in the early phases, but I feel that this might be a good start for a larger stand.  I plan on including other varieties of stall, most of which will be smaller.  This could be for a farmer selling a variety of wares.

In addition, located behind the stall, is the foundations for what is to be known as the Grumpy Bear Inn.  Why the odd name? Well, I’ve been described as a bear on many an occasion, and every good inn name needs a fun adjective before it, right? You can’t just have “The Bear” inn…doesn’t work.  Foundation is not complete obviously, just a quick rough sketch. I like that it wraps around the stall in the front.  Perhaps the landlord of the Grumpy Bear owns the stall but leases it out to different vendors? Sounds good to me. Anyway, here are some different views of the possible layout.

Finally, I “toured” the path to the Dwarven Kingdom today because I decided that I needed to look at it with a fresh site of eyes. For the most part, I don’t hate it! The tunnel needs to be blended into the mountain better, I know.  The statue of Garvog also needed to be tweaked, so I made some changes to make the statue look more…connected?

I don’t know if most of it can even be noticed. I like it better, though. It looks more fluid. The sword might be the most noticeable change; I was afraid that it was too different from the rest of the build, causing it to stand out too much.