Walls. More Walls. But wait, that’s not all!

Yes, friends! There’s more to this post than just walls! For starters, we begin our journey in the fabled land of “Western Kingdom”! Yes, not the east. Not the North. The West. The Wild, Wild West?

I’m so sorry for that.

Anyway, the west. There was wall building. No, Mexico didn’t pay for it. Wow, really? You went there?!  Just shut up and show the pictures already, AJ.

This wall is different because it goes over a river.  Maybe I need to name this river….Maybe I should remember that I need to name this river.  Anyway, I didn’t want to make the river jog all over the place, and I also wanted to add a sewer grate, so, bingo-bango-bongo, we have a river that buts up to the actual wall. This led me to be able to try two new things.

wk005As you can see, the bricking stops half way down and is replaced with different types of stone.  Now, looking at this picture now makes me think that I need to go in and add some more brick to the right edge of it.  The line is still a little too….crisp?  I need to do some more blending, but for a first try, it definitely wasn’t too bad.  Water damage is fun!

The second thing it allowed me to do is to create the sewage drain.  This will ultimately lead into the palace and throughout the kingdom.  I’m trying to decide if I want this to be controlled by some sinister undercity or just have it act as a secret escape tunnel that the royals can use in case of emergency.  Regardless, I plan on making it very labyrinthine.

I had planned on adding some lore to this post, but as of right now I’m going to pass, simply because I’m unsure of what I want it to be.  I’m thinking escape tunnel, and I’m thinking that my main character’s mother would have had to use it to escape from the fallen hero, but I’m still not sure.

Let me toy around with it some more, and the next time I visit the sewers, I will attempt something.  Until then, bye-bye!

Did you know there was more to the kingdom than the Grumpy Bear and the Northern section?

Instead of windmilling it up, I get distracted finishing some walls and working on my block palate for my palace.

Yeah, it’s a long title, I know, but it truly captures the essence of the two pictures I’m sharing in today’s update.

Hey, did you know palate and palace are almost spelled the exact same way? I never made that connection before. It doesn’t really change my life in any dramatic way, but it’s a fun little oddity that I enjoyed for a few seconds.

Anyway, I present my palace palate of blocks. p002

The “grass” blocks are really just hardened clay.  I got the idea from the Hermitcraft server in which they used these blocks to simulate a freshly manicured lawn.  I’m not entirely sold on them, but I know that I wanted to make a nice garden/lawn in front of the castle that includes a gorgeous fountain and well trimmed…things.

I like the idea of these blocks, and I want to include a lot of towers and such.  I don’t want to say like Hogwarts from the movies, that is too large in terms of scale.  I just like towers, people definitely not “nobody” seeing as how I’ve never shared this out and kept it entirely secret from my friends, family, and loved ones. Hello, Random strangers!  Maybe I’ll toy around with some purple or stuff as well, it might look good with the bricks, but definitely nowhere near the green. Gross.


In other parts of the world, I finished the walls! Well, phase 1 of the walls at least. Anyways, it stretches from the eastern edge, up to the north, around the north, and down part of the west.  Actually, now that I think of it, I need to finish the west edge of the walls… Darn. Scratch that. Phase 1 isn’t done. =(

I will admit that I started to lay out the foundation for the windmill.  I think that maybe next time that will be what I work on.  That, or I’ll probably find something else to get distracted by. It’s not like there are a thousand other things to work on or anything… Until next time!

Building Update: Northern Kingdom

Just some tweaks and additional building on the inn.

Not too much progress today. Nothing super cool or exciting, just some tweaks to the Northern Gate, the Grumpy Bear Inn, and the marketplace.  In another, completely random, note….Maybe I should change the Grumpy Bear Inn’s name to the Sleepy Bear Inn? I think I like the sound of that better, but I’ll play around with it for the next couple of days to see if I like it better or not.


I cleaned up the original stand’s cover and I think the one color looks a little cleaner.  I really need to figure out what they’re going to sell, maybe that will help tie all of these stalls together.


So, this side looks like garbage. I need to figure this out like woah, don’t I? I don’t want the second floor to be as large as the first, but now I need to find some inspiration to figure out how to do the different roofs.


I was trying to break up the main gate slightly, make it less “Stone Brick Monstrosity” and into something a little pleasing to the eye.  I like the added spruce logs and the arches for sure.  I still should go in and add some cracked and mossy stone bricks now.  There definitely would be a quite of bit of moss on the exterior of the wall, being on the north side of stuff and all.


I wasn’t going to include this picture, but I couldn’t resist the lens flare! Michael Bay, eat your heart out!

Last. Catch. Up!

Finally done catching up! Check out the start of the eastern side of the kingdom as well as the location of the palace.

Playing catch-up is tough.  It’s sooooo hard to get motivated when you know that you have more work to do than normal, right? I’m totally not putting off work that I’m behind on for my job right now because I’m behind and unmotivated. I promise. Mostly.

The final sections that we’ll be checking out will be the eastern section of the kingdom and also where the palace will be. Don’t worry, only three pictures total.  It’s not that I haven’t been working over here…There’s just been a LOT of terraforming.  Hills, mountains, they’re great.  Sometimes they could be positioned a little better, though.  If they’re a little off and just not quite right, though,  you gotta fix it, right? I find myself sometimes clearing out huge sections and regretting building in the mountains in the first place, but then the work pays off in the end.

Without further ado, I present to you the eastern wall and gate…skeleton. ek01

The gate will go here. I want to put something super wicked on the top of that hilly-mountain, but I’m still unsure what would go there. Maybe an astronomy tower?ek02

Finally, without any more delay, the palace for this land.  I just realized that I don’t have a name for the land/kingdom, do I? Wow, that is a pretty massive oversight if I do say so myself.  I’m going to have to think on this one.

Anyway, I like the idea of building this palace literally on the side of the mountain.  I’m not quite sure what type of look I’ll be going for, but I think I want a lot of white to stand out against the mountain.  Structurally, I love the idea of towers and towers and some more towers.  This might be harder than I think…


No lore today, I’m sorry.  Oh, ok, fine, I’ll give it a try.

The palace, unlike other palaces that stand tall and proud on their own, seems to have grown out from the mountain.  While magic was used to help build it, much of the palace’s towers and turrets have been constructed rather than grown out of the mountain.  Fearful of an attack, the builders felt that the mountain would provide ample protection on all side, save the front, from invaders, barbarians, and other foul creatures that have a tendency to cause mayhem and panic for sport.

Next time, an update on ONE area! Here’s to normal’ish posts from here on out!

Let’s Play Catch Up Pt. Deux

Catch up post 2 of 3. This details some of the work I have done in the northern section of the kingdom.

Charlie Sheen is really weird. Charlie Sheen as a Rambo-esque character? Yeah, for some reason that almost passes as normal to me. Tiger Blood! Winning! What is wrong with me? #itwasafunnymoviethough

Today’s post is playing some catch-up.  I started playing this world quite a bit before I started this blog.  Luckily, I had been taking a bunch of screenshots, so here will be the dumping ground for my Northern Wall and Bridge.  In the future, it should be one screenshot at a time…Not a whole bunch at once.

I know it can be slightly overwhelming…There are quite a few pictures, but I put captions in and that makes everything better, amirite?  This is a look at the northern part of this kingdom.  I’ve put the rough sketch up for my wall and terraformed the surrounding land. Guys..mountains are a pain. Here are some thoughts for this place.

The nearby village and farmers set up stalls and have small shops located inside of the northern gate.  Every morning they haul their wares along the main road to set up shop for the day, eager to sell their trinkets and food to the city folk.  

In between the northern entrance and the bridge entrance lies the Grumpy Bear Inn, a local establishment known for its fine ale, upbeat music, and a really upset bear statue found within.  Humans and dwarves alike used to frequent this establishment after a long day of work before they depart the city for their respective homes.  

If you cross the bridge and travel to the west, you find yourself in a valley.  By traveling deeper into the valley, one can find the entrance to the dwarven city of **SOMETHING DWARFY** silhouetted by waterfalls and sheer cliff faces.  All used to be welcome, but now, the dwarves have shut themselves off from the rest of the world to tend to their wounds after the slaughter unleashed upon them.

Next post, we’ll check out the eastern edge of the kingdom as well as the location of the palace.  It’ll be much shorter because I’m playing less catch-up.  After that….it’ll be normal updates! Gasp! Ooh! Much wow!